Why Does Fluidampr Use Silicone?

siliconeThe engineers at Vibratech TVD, the parent company of Fluidampr and inventor of the viscous torsional vibration damper, have perfected the use of silicone for over 65 years.  Without looking, some assume the fluid in a Fluidampr should be like motor oil or hydraulic shock fluid because that’s what is commonly used in other fluid dampening devices.  This leads some to believe that our silicone turns to a gel over time after cutting a used one open.  However, this is torsional vibration from internal combustion we’re dealing with.  The silicone Fluidampr uses is 45,000 times more viscous than 30W motor oil!

Truth is, it’s a gel when we precisely fill the damper housing on the assembly line and it needs to be a gel to do its job. Fluidampr performance dampers and Vibratech TVD heavy duty dampers are rated to -40oF.   They can be found protecting engines in the frigid cold of the Alaskan oil fields, to the non-stop abuse of heavy construction equipment, to the blistering heat of the race track.  Viscous engine dampers are the preferred choice for premium engine builders and are stock equipment in supercars such as the Audi R8 and Lamborghini Gallardo.