How Can I Identify A Genuine Fluidampr Damper?

650221-angledIn a global marketplace, some countries of origin do not regard and adhere to registered trademarks and patents filed in the United States of America.  The Internet and on-line retailers make the ideal environment to push these products.  Here’s how you know it is a genuine Fluidampr:

- Fluidampr is a registered trademark and is not licensed to any other company for use.  If the name is Fluidamper, Fluid Damper or any variation of, it is not genuine.

- Fluidampr is 100% made in the USA.  Even the raw materials are sourced in the United States.  If it is made anywhere else, or contains material listed from any other country of origin, it is not genuine Fluidampr.

- Fluidampr contains our distinct logo machined into the housing.  The “Meets SFI Spec 18.1” seal is also either stamped or engraved.

- Fluidampr precision machines timing mark into the housings to meet or exceed the OEM timing adjustment precison.  The tolerance in spacing the marks are held to the thousands.  This is verified by the CAD designer, CNC programmer and the CNC lathe operator using ISO 9001:2008 Certified measuring tools.  If the timing marks are not accurate or there is variation in the spacing, it is not genuine Fluidampr.

- Fluidampr is a premium product and we believe deserves a premium customer service experience when purchasing.  Therefore, we sell only through well known and reputable distributors who stand behind their products and support the aftermarket performance parts industry.