Fluidampr's Rigorous Testing Procedure

Each new Fluidampr is carefully designed to match the mounting and envelope tolerances necessary for each application.  After a prototype is completed, it along with its individual parts are shipped for independent laboratory testing and SFI certification.

Once approved, we utilize a chassis dyno and use cutting edge measurement equipment and software to measure torsional vibration levels across the RPM range.  First with the OEM damper installed and then with a Fluidampr installed.  Careful measurement analysis is performed to evaluate the Fluidampr performance over stock.  Only when the Fluidampr prototype meets our own rigorous testing and quality assurance for superior torsional vibration dampening control criteria do we approve for production.  Once into production the manufacturing of a Fluidampr happens inside a state-of-the art ISO 9001:2008 certified facility located in Springville, New York.