Fluidampr Dampers Performance over 6,000 RPM

66260D-anglethe damper is engineered to allow for quick acceleration and the rapid increase in torsional vibration frequency associated with higher rpms.

There is a clerical difference between “meets SFI standards” and “SFI certified”.  The former means we construct our Streetdampers to the same rigorous standards as those that are SFI Certified.  The later means, we have worked diligently with SFI Foundation Inc., who sets the rules and regulations for most racing organizations, to have our Race Series dampers independently tested, officially certified and regularly scrutinized by SFI.  SFI Certified is a very scientific and costly endeavor to ensure that the construction of our product will hold up in the racing world.

Regardless of terminology, the engine owner wins because our Streetdampr are manufactured to the same high level race quality outlined by the SFI Foundation Inc.