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Circle Track Magazine Dyno Tests Fluidampr CT Gold.
“…the actual difference on the dyno surprised us.”

The September issue of Circle Track magazine featured an excellent educational and installation article by Jeff Huneycutt featuring a Fluidampr CT Gold damper.  Developed specifically for circle track applications, CT Gold dampers feature an additional centering technology between the inner inertia ring and outer housing.  Not only does this permit a CT Gold damper to be included with the rotating assembly during balancing, but we also noticed that above 6,000rpm – which is where most racers are most of the time – that the damper exhibits slight improvements in torsional vibration control.

What Circle Track magazine really wanted to know is if the new CT Gold damper would help win races.  For that they installed it on their own modified Chevy 602 crate engine and took it to the dyno.  They commented, “We thought the CT Gold damper would help the engine accelerate faster on the racetrack thanks to its reduced weight, but we weren’t sure if that would correlate to power numbers on the engine dyno, which works differently. But we were impressed by the Fluidampr unit, which produced more horsepower all the way through the pull.”



View the full article at http://www.circletrack.com/enginetech/ctrp_1211_quality_damper_installation_shock_absorber/   Photos courtesy of Circle Track magazine.



Fluidampr Visits Top Engine Builders With Milestone Marketing

Ivan Snyder, account sales, teamed up with outside sales rep, Matt Buzzard of Milestone Marketing in August for an educational tour. Day one focused on group presentations and a booth at the popular Jobber Performance Warehouse Engine Builder Seminar & Show.  Later in the week, the team made personal visits to Kevin Stoa Engineering, Sputs Racing Engines and Tesars Engineering.  These companies have done extensive engine work for all facets of racing from local dirt track to NHRA and NASCAR.

“It was quite an experience to visit these engine builders using the latest machining and testing capabilities,” comments Ivan.  “I was able to look around and see a raw block coming in the door then going through each step of the process of machining and adding parts along the way until it was on the Dynamometer being tested before being shipped to a race team.”



Fluidampr To Attend PRI and IMIS

Learn how Fluidampr products can protect your engine, plus benefit your race team and business at the annual Performance Racing Industry show and International Motorsports Industry Show.  Visit our booth and meet company officials, witness the technology, and see featured performance dampers.


Nov. 29 – Dec. 1, 2012
PRI – Booth 4931
Orange County Convention Center.  Orlando, FL 


Dec. 6 – Dec. 8, 2012
IMIS – Booth 310
Indiana Convention Center.  Indianapolis, IN