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Fluidampr 'How To' On LS6 Engine.

LS1Tech.com, a leading forum for GM LS engine owners, recently received a very thorough ‘how-to’ installation and evaluation of Fluidampr #740121 on 2004-2005 LS6 equipped Cadillac CTS-V models.  The article features complete tool list, step-by-step procedures and fantastic photography.

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From The Tech Desk:
What Is The Proper Press Fit For A Fluidampr?


Proper press fit is .0005”-.0015”.  Maintenance of a proper press fit between the damper inner-diameter and the crank snout outer-diameter is critical for damper performance.

Best practices to ensure performance and complete satisfaction

  • bore gaugeBefore installing, measuring the outside diameter of the crank snout with a micrometer and the inside diameter of the Fluidampr with a bore gauge.  Calculate the difference to confirm that there will be a proper press fit.


  • If the damper is removed and installed repeatedly, also perform the above procedure.  If the proper press fit will not be achieved, then the Fluidampr will need to be replaced.  Some Fluidampr products feature a removable replacement hub.


  • Coat the crankshaft snout and damper inner-diameter with an anti-seize compound or moly grease to prevent galling during installation.


  • ALWAYS use a proper damper installation tool.  Pounding with a hammer can cause wallowing out of the bore, or the damper spinning on the crank.  Failure to use a proper installation tool will void the Fluidampr manufacturer’s warranty.