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Fluidampr Helps Boise State University Greenspeed Team Break New Records With Biodiesel

Greenspeed truck sponsored in part by FluidamprOn Nov. 12-13, 2011 the Greenspeed team at Boise State University traveled to El Mirage Dry Lakebed north of Los Angles for the final Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) event of the year.  Over those two days, the Greenspeed team set a new record at 155.331mph on pure vegetable oil.  The accomplishment fulfilled the dreams of the team and was a personal victory against the trials of land speed racing, which included cracking two cylinders at the World of Speed event earlier this year.

The 700hp truck, a Chevy S-10 body stuffed with a Dodge 5.9L Cummins diesel, was built from scratch by the college team with the help of nearly 40 sponsoring manufacturers and businesses.

According to the US Department of Energy, some biodiesel blends contain nearly the same BTUs as conventional diesel fuel, and both can pack more punch than gasoline.  It all translates into torsional vibration and intense stress put on the crank and valvetrain.  When Greenspeed approached us to support their truck build and further renewable fuel research, we gladly provided them with the lasting benefits of our performance diesel damper

BSU GreenspeedGreenspeed plans to further their record by participating at Bonneville Speed Week next year.  On the research side, according to the Goodguys Gazette by the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association, “the club team also has the idea to use oil extracted from algae grown at Boise State.”  Where ever Greenspeed’s bright future takes them, Fluidampr is proud to have contributed. 

To learn more about Greenspeed, visit www.greenspeed.me.


New DSPORT Issue Features Fluidampr Sponsored Builder

aaron wells - subaru stiAvailable now, the Feb. 2012 issue of DSPORT features an “All-Sport STi” owned by Aaron Wells.  The 555whp Subaru is built for the street, strip and open roads.  Under the hood, the EJ series engine features complete list of performance modification protected by a Fludiampr performance damper (p/n 531101) to help reduce critical wear.

Aaron’s 2004 Subaru Imprezza STi is also featured in the new Fluidampr catalog and previous advertisements.

Visit http://dsportmag.com/browse/featured-article/all-sport-sti for a sneak peak, then pick up a copy of DSPORT at your favorite news stand.


From The Tech Desk:
It's January, Does Fluidampr Silicone Freeze in the Cold?

Fluidampr siliconeThe silicone inside a Fluidampr is tested and meets acceptable requirements to: -40o F.  Even at that temperature it does not freeze.  In perspective, -40 F is the average winter temperature in the Artic.

Fluidampr performance dampers share the same durability standards as Vibratech TVD heavy duty viscous dampers.  Vibratech TVD dampers are commonly used on compression pumps and stationary generators located in remote Canadian and Alaskan oil and natural gas fields.  In addition, over-the-road trucks that supply these locations also use viscous dampers.