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Fluidampr Contributes To Performance Business Magazine

performance business april 2012Performance Business magazine recently featured Fluidampr among their list of industry experts as part of their April 2012 Dawn of the Diesel issue.  Highlights included the technical innovations that have revolutionized the performance diesel segment over the past 10 years.  Ivan Snyder, Fluidampr sales, contributed the importance of upgrading the stock harmonic balancer to a Fluidampr Performance Diesel damper.

When asked what “the main challenge shops face serving the diesel performance market...,”  Ivan replied, “educating consumers on the benefits of upgrading OEM parts to quality aftermarket choices….  Viscous-type dampers are an essential part responsible to protect and prolong the life of high-output, heavy-duty diesel engines, yet are omitted from the majority of light-duty diesel trucks [for cost savings].”

The design of the rotating assembly and the torque spike applied to it are the dominate factors that determine the magnitude of destructive torsional vibration.  Viscous dampers are commonly used in trucking, locomotive, work boat, construction, agriculture, power generation and military applications for their long lasting durability and ability to protect across a wide range of engine harmonics.  A premium heavy duty viscous damper, such as Vibratech TVD, can achieve a half-million to three-quarter million mile service life in a 1850lb-ft/550hp over-the-road tractor-trailer diesel engine.

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nhrda may 2012 petersburg va

Fluidampr To Attend NHRDA East Coast Truckin' Nationals

Visit with Fluidampr at the NHRDA East Cost Truckin’ Nationals.  Held in Petersburg, VA at Virginia Motorsports Park on May 4th – 5th.  Meet some of our team and learn how your diesel truck can benefit by upgrading to a Fluidampr Performance Diesel damper.
The event will feature diesel drags, sled pulling, a dyno shootout, show-in-shine and more.

For complete details, visit www.nhrda.com





rotating assemblyFrom The Tech Desk:

Will Fluidampr Solve An Out-Of-Balance Condition?

No. A harmonic balancer’s role is to control crankshaft torsional vibration, also commonly called engine harmonics.  Crankshaft torsional vibration is the slight end-over-end twisting and rebounding of the crank caused by the initial torque spike during combustion.  Uncontrolled torsional vibration can contribute to accelerated main bearing wear, inefficient valve timing, reduced performance, oil pump failure and even crank failure.  Through the years, in some instances the harmonic balancer has seen counterweights added to make externally balanced engines and also incorporated as the main drive pulley.  Given the history and terminology, it’s easy to see how misconceptions can be formed.

An out-of-balance condition is caused by mismatched weights between the rod, piston, rings, etc. and the offsetting crank counterweights.  It too will cause inefficiency and accelerated wear.  Only a professional engine balance job will solve an out-of-balance condition.

For long lasting optimum protection against destructive crankshaft torsional vibration, install a Fluidampr performance damper from the start of any engine project.  In racing applications, a Fluidampr performance damper will last the life of the engine and automatically adjust to future modifications.  No maintenance is required.

Stay tuned for next month’s enews when we discuss balancing an engine with a Fluidampr performance damper.

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